VPN Services within Mainland China

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As the Mainland Chinese telecommunication providers are known to perform Deep Packet Inspection with the intent on disrupting all encrypted traffic that are deemed detrimental to their political climate, we can not guarantee our services will work there consistently or at all in some regions or “sensitive” periods.

Some regions, such as Guangdong Province are rumored to have liberal political policies and attitudes towards the use of VPN’s by corporations or individuals. Other regions, such as the Western Regions or Beijing, are rumored to have a harder stance against VPN’s and generally much more restrictive political policies. In a nutshell, service consistency is all dependent on which region you are currently in and how sensitive the current political climate is there at the time of connection.

According to recent reports, we have found the following VPN protocols work somewhat consistently:

  • IPSec/L2TP – China Unicom only in the Guangdong Province
  • PPTP – China Telecom and Unicom in the Guangdong Province

Although Hong Kong and Macau are considered to be Chinese territories, they are not subject to the majority of the laws set out by the People’s Republic of China and can expect our services to connect with consistency.